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What's In A Name?

How did I come up with the name you may ask?  This name occurred 17 years ago, in the the process for naming my one and only daughter. Having a weird interest in historical things, I came across an interesting insight into names being used to denote the individual's character or title. Somewhat like what we would say today as a 'Brand'.

Back to seventeen years ago, naming my daughter, I wanted a name that would reflect her being part of me but still having her own uniqueness.  And that she did indeed.  

What I did was take the first part of my name and add the unique part to the end, on paper it took some rearranging to work itself out but when it finally came to fruition, it just fit. Shurnique!

She is truly one of a kind, reminds me so much of myself in many ways. But as I continue to watch her grow and develop into her own person she has truly owned the name.  She has her own unique out-going spirit, loves life and people. Full of energy and enthusiasm and inspires JOY! 

So choosing the name was a no-brainer. I am here with another creation and with the help of my daughter, 'Shurnique' has the ability grow and develop as well. Join us on this journey that's inspired by nature.

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 Shurnique - Naturally Unique