Shurnique Subscription Box
Shurnique Subscription Box - Shurnique-Naturally Unique
Shurnique Subscription Box

Shurnique Subscription Box

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Our subscription Box contains four (4) items from our Natural Artisan Soaps and Skin Care Products. 

Our product line includes:

Natural Soaps Bars
Emulsifying Sugar Scrubs
Hand & Body Lotion

Body Butters
Lip & Body Balms
Bath Fizzies (bath bombs, powders and salts)
Candles & Deodorant 


With these Subscription Boxes you'll not only be saving on these Natural Skin Loving Products but might also have an opportunity get a sneak peek into whats new and get your hands on them first as we continue to broaden our product line in the future.

There are 3 available options for our subscription boxes which also comes with free shipping:

SNU4 (you will receive 4 occurring boxes)
SNU2 (you will receive the next 2 occurring boxes)
SNU1 (you will receive the next occurring box)

Shipping Schedule: Last Monday of March, June, September and December* (Orders placed up to two (2) weeks before scheduled shipping date will be including for that occurring month box)

Schedules Shipping Dates 2021
March 29
June 28
September 27
*December 6 (due to the holiday season)

 ORDER TODAY and be a part of this journey ...