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Bundle - Scrub & Body Butter

Bundle - Scrub & Body Butter

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Bundle your favorite products and save. Get our 4oz jars of our Emulsifying Sugar Scrub along with Our Moisturizing Cream'd Body Butter. When you purchase both you get a bar of soap. This bundle $38 value just for $30.

Super Moisturizing Body Butter, this Cream'd Body Oil, one of our body cream options, is designed to penetrate your skin easily allowing for maximum conditioning, leaving your skin soft and smooth to the touch.
This Body Butter does not leave you with an oily feel but helps prevent dryness.
A little goes a long, long way!

This Emulsifying Sugar Scrub is a gentle exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin to reveal soft supple skin. Many prefer this emulsifying scrub to the traditional because it is emulsified to prevent the separation of the oils and the sugar.

This enriched sugar scrub will not only reveal that supple layer of skin but also leave your skin nourished and moisturized with Shea Butter, Mango Butter and other skin loving oils.

Long Lasting Hydration
Formulated for Sensitive to Normal Skin.
Comes Scented or Unscented

Bundle and Save!