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Your Health, Your Wealth

N - Nutrition
E - Exercise
W - Water

S - Sunshine
T - Temperance
A - Air
R - Rest
T - Trust In God

Nutrition plays a hugh part in maintaining health. Your first source of vitamins, minerals and all the body needs to sustain itself should be found in whole food.

Exercise also a vital part of well being should never be ignored. Exercise promotes healthy muscle and bone structure, increases circulation which aids in having good blood.

Water!. More important than we may realize. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. 73% of the brain and heart is composed of water. 83% of the lungs, 64% of the skin, 79% of our muscles and kidneys and the bones 31% is water. Maintaining those levels will ensure that proper function of these organs.

Sunshine. Living in North America, especially Canada we don't have this luxury of year round sunshine so its of utmost importance to get the adequate amount of exposure needed. Those with darker skin needs more exposure than those with lighter complexion due to the barrier form by the amount of melanin found in the skin. Sunshine aids in the production of Vitamin D Naturally.

Temperance. Not a word we use much these days but it simply means moderation or abstaining. In other words "... be moderate in the things that's good and and abstaining from the things that's not."

Air, Fresh Air! Get outside, enjoy natural surroundings, go to parks, river, lakes and beaches. Walk, Run, laugh, have fun. Breathe deeply, full your lungs. Fresh Clean Air carried to the lungs promotes great circulation and great blood. All essential elements for good health.

Getting adequate Rest is Paramount. In this fast past environment where hour required is no longer equivalent to tasks do be done. We are tired, we are stressed. We are pulled in all directions because we need to 'get it done'. We forget! Elements like Relax, Restore, Revive, Refresh! But to what "END".

And last but certainly not least. In fact, none are more important than the other, as a cohesive balanceis definitely necessary. TRUST IN GOD!



For more information on how you can implement these simple principles and maximize its benefits check out the link  below: